It is now July and I am still at my sisters in Oregon.  I would like to say taht I am living it up, but, not quite true.   Between lockdowns, knockdowns, and blowouts, this new COVID-19 virus has everyone  in an uproar.

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WOW-----  JANUARY 01-02-2020

   I CANNOT believe it is now the year 2020.  Makes me feel older and I refuse to say how old although age never bothered me before.  But then, I was never this age before.

​  I had all kinds of hopes and dreams for the past year.  Get that book published, get two done this year.  Hopefully.  Decide where I wanted to live.  Calif. (to really any more.  Grew up in Calif. but so expensive to live in now.). Oregon which is beautiful and where one of my sisters live.  Florida where my children live, even though humid and damp a lot of the time, it has its charm.  Plus, even though I know I wouldn't see my daughter every single day, it would nice to be able to see here when she has the time between work husband and her own daughter who lives a couple hours away.  Oh well, dream choices!

   The New Year for me began very quietly.  My sister and I had one eggnog each with some Crown Royal slipped in.  Staying up late and sleeping in is a very nice habit.  I have always been somewhat of a nite owl, doing my best writing and thinking after nine/ten o'clock at night until the wee early hours.  No sense in changing now.

   I have sat and wondered what kind of list I would make as new year resolutions and decided that A, rearranging my life would be a giant undertaking; B, moving anywhere else right now would be a ginormous undertaking; C, being wild and carefree would mean becoming decidedly younger, bolder, and another huge undertaking. D, Procrastination Destination has been my most adverse and undermining MOO, = Method of Operations.  E, Finish projects before starting five others in between one and six.  (The ADD meds are Not helping much.). F, Positivity alludes me most of the time and I am striving to change that negative aspect of life.

  So..... Now that the new year is upon us and a whole new world is supposed to be our oyster, I'm going deeps sea diving for that clam shell filled with beautiful pearls!\



​​Nov. 25 2019

   Here it is almost the end of Nov. with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas close on its heels.  I am no more ready for Thanksgiving than I am for Christmas but then I never am.

   Lots of birthdays this month in family which means February (Valentine's) must have been a very busy month.



   I am gearing myself up to get on the stick and get creative.  I've been crocheting a lot because it passes time.  My last endeavor, that of a 

Dachshund did not fair well.   I try to do a sample project first because I know I will mess up somewhere and would like to know before I begin a good project.  I'm getting better since I haven't crocheted for years.  Onward.



​  My more creative writing side of self is on the move after some time away from trying.    I sit and think, write, think, then don't.  Someone once said that perhaps I fear success more than not completing a story or novel or short story.  That may be, as I know others just like me.  We pour over page after page of text until our finger tips are sore.  We read, rewrite, and read some more as we tweak and try to find that sweet spot that says I am finished, at last.   Well, I am doing it before the years end.  I have I am going to concentrate on and get the lead out of my caboose.   When I get that finished it is going into my program that will tear it apart so I can put it back together even better.     Hope, hoping, hopeful.




​----But First, off to prepare dinner.  One cannot create on an empty tummy.




If I write something and decide I don't like what I write, the nice thing is I can take it away with the swipe of my mouse.  So, I went and deleted what I wrote previously and will continue with more later.  Right now it is after one AM and my eyes won't stay away.  Later....   (9-21-19)

This is a beautiful pitcher that I purchased at a antique and used what-not store.  I have never seen another like it but know there are more out there.  It's unique and quite different.

Here I am ready to pounce, said the cat to the rat.