This is photo I took from living room window at my sisters in Oregon last year.  One of my better shots.  

   Is there anything more beautiful than the innocent look of a deer or any other animal.  When you hae a small herd of 10, its amazing to watch them.  When they lay down in the brush in  your backyard you know although watchful they feel unthreatened.

When all else fails, I tell them to go Fry Ice.  (And yes it can if you think about it.

When you're feeling blue, a big bunch of roses will cheer you right up.  Nothing quite so beautiful as a rose.

Dead wood is only as good as the tree it came from.  (gb quote of the day)

There at times when treasures found should be shared.

   When taking my photo class, playing around on photoshop with different settings.  this came out really different using special type of glowing edge setting.  The pearl necklace looks more like the tentacles on an octopus.

This is a sketch I did and then later put on canvas to paint.  It didn't turn out as good as expected so I set the painting aside until another day when I could look at it with fresh eyes.  I like to be different.

Yes I know, these are  very strange looking creature.  My sister calls it Screetch. I have made about three of them so far and need to make a couple more.  Or so.  They are rather cute I think.  Different yes.  But one can shape the mouth into many weird shapes.  I gave this one to a friend who is a therapist and she said everyone loved it and of course by changing the mouth, one got different expressions.  A big hit with children she said.

The photo was taken by me a few years ago while visiting my brother and sister in Nevada.  This was overlooking the golf course.  I took creative with photoshop in applying different effects.  I liked this one.

In a contrary world, remaining positive and optimistic is oft times complex to achieve.

Always trying to get the right photo.  This was in backyard at sisters house so had to take the pic.  It has been enlarged to show closeup of ladybug.

When I took one of my photography classes, one of our projects was to create a cover for a magazine.  Had to had the look and feel of a real magazine.  This is the one I came up with.  I actually do have this manequin at home.  Currently she is housed in my closet. The top that Mandy is wearing is a vintage one I purchased back in the 70's at a garage sale.  It is still in perfect condition and beautiful.

Disjointed Johnny Disco.  Had a very bad night!

When you wake up in the morning,

 be thankful for the new day; 

When you go to sleep at night,

 ask to sleep well through the night

And to wake up refreshed for the next day.

This is what the original photo turned out to be.  An exercise in class dealing with arranging items and lighting. 

Playing around with doll parts of my sisters one night.  it was challenging to show the arm suspended in mid air but figured it out.  Silliness when the family is all together.

Who would think someone would name a

Rose after myself!  Awesome, Ms. Blossom Bloomers!  (It really wasn't named after me, but hey, nice thought anyhow.

Thank you for visiting.


   Here it is the first of June already and the year is moving quickly into the past.  

   I have lived up to my intentions and so far have written just about everyday even if only a few lines, paragraphs.  If I go at this rate, I will finish my short story, mystery fiction.  Now if I just quit switching it around.  Already I have changed a lot of the beginning. One has to tweak what they write until it suites them and hopefully comes across the way it is supposed to.  Anyhow, more happy writing on the way.



   ​I am making it my solemn duty this year to concentrate on those things I have greatly procrastinated on.  One of the main things is my writing.  I get going on it at a good pace and then life steps in and surgery takes place, getting well, and then getting that old brain working again.  Then later on another surgery and more sitting around getting better.  The past seven months has not been the best of my life.  But all is on the mend and I am starting to feel great again.

   So I am determined to not let another month or year go by that I haven't at least given 150% plus to doing what I love, from writing, to being my old creative self.

   The most exciting part of my life coming up;  taking the train to Florida to visit my daughter and her husband and my granddaughter whom I haven't seen for almost 5 years.  Well by October, it will be more than 5 years.  Right now, it seems so far away.  Still, I am very excited.  I love riding on the train.  Much better than 72+ hours on a crowded bus and getting left at a strange bus station in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma.  Yep, it really happened.  Almost 8 hours to wait for another bus.  Was I steamed?  You bet I was.  My son was none to happy either.  Well if I don't stop now, I'll be here typing nonsense until all hours.