Dead wood is only as good as the tree it came from.  (gb quote of the day)

Who would think someone would name a

Rose after myself!  Awesome, Ms. Blossom Bloomers!  

​   Good intentions are always a road paved with dreams and ideals and hope.  One looks at creativity with enthusiasm and anticipation.  It does take time to have that creativity brought to fruition.  In my case, it's not getting stalled out with the engine left idling​ in a snow drift or sand storm.

    So in that vein, I strive not for perfection but to do the very best I can.  For me that is always enough because if I strive for perfection, I am sure it will not come.

My Purple Onion welcomes you to my new website.  I am currently working on getting it fine tuned so I have photographs I have taken scattered to view while I work on my site.​

Thank you for visiting.